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Young children learn best by experimenting with their environment through hands-on activities and play, which is why learning centers are such a vital part of the preschool classroom. Using learning centers to give children the hands-on experiences and play opportunities they need is extremely important. Each of our classrooms is set up by educational centers: Art, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Library, Manipulatives, Math/ Science, Music, and Writing/ Listening.

Art : Serves as a great creative outlet for kids to help express their emotions and ideas

Blocks: enables children to explore their creative side by building unique structures and communities with blocks, block people, and block animals.

Dramatic Play: Allows children the opportunity to role play as adults in everyday situations and a variety of careers. Encourages creativity, self-expression, and knowledge of the community.

Library: Quiet area to practice reading and comprehension skills. Helps foster skills in children that will influence their overall success in school and in life.

Manipulatives: Develop children’s fine motor skills and improves their hand-eye coordination by sorting counters and participating in other similar activities.

Math/ Science: Provides opportunity for better understanding of beginning math concepts and problem solving skills. A nature and science center brings the outdoors indoors and gives children opportunities to explore nature and science concepts.

Music: Encourages children to be physically active and gives them opportunities to experiment with sound and music. Additionally, it promotes self-expression, foster creativity, and helps children relax.

Listening/ Writing: Having a quiet area to practice their reading, writing, and comprehension skills will help children express ideas, explore their interests, and learn about the world around them.